Why Would Your Teeth Need to Be Shaved?

Posted on: 5 February 2020

Practically every adult will shave parts of their body on a regular basis. It might be your face, your legs, or perhaps even your back. This needs to happen on a regular basis, because that hair will quickly grow back. But what about shaving a part of yourself that will not grow back? Teeth shaving is something that needs to happen at a dental clinic, but why would your dentist suggest that you might be a candidate for the procedure?

When Your Bite Is Misaligned

Teeth shaving can be necessary for both cosmetic and practical reasons. For a misaligned bite, braces or transparent retainers are usually the most effective solution, but when the misalignment is only minor, your dentist might shave a miniscule amount of surface area from the tops of your molars. This results in a form of resurfacing which can ensure that your teeth fit together when their opposite counterparts are pressed against them. When the misalignment of your bite doesn't warrant braces but still needs attention, then teeth shaving might be the preferred option.

When You Require Partial Dentures

Teeth shaving can also have a practical application when you need prosthetic teeth. Some partial dentures are secured with a clasp that attaches to a natural tooth, essentially anchoring the prosthetic device in place. When it's thought that this attachment might not have the necessary stability based upon the surface of the necessary anchor tooth, then this tooth might be shaved to create an appropriate surface for the clasp to attach to.

When Your Need Is Largely Cosmetic

And then there is teeth shaving for cosmetic purposes. In some instances, the shape of the tooth is deliberately unaffected by the process, and this is when a miniscule layer of enamel is removed in order to eliminate discolouration that is immune to traditional whitening treatments. A slightly more substantial amount of surface area can be removed from crooked teeth in order to give them the appearance of alignment. This reshaping is utilised when the teeth are crooked enough to need attention, but that attention doesn't quite require a dental veneer or crown. 

Even though the idea of having your teeth shaved might sound drastic, it's actually a fairly common form of dental care used to fix a variety of  practical and cosmetic issues. In any event, the depth of the surface area to be removed is only going to be minor so that your teeth are not compromised and enough enamel is left to sufficiently protect them. Contact a local dental clinic to learn more.