Finding the Perfect Mouthguard for Rugby Season: 3 Features to Look Out For

Posted on: 15 July 2020

As COVID-19 restrictions are being gradually relaxed around the world, rugby players can expect to soon get back on the field. Your mouthguard will be one of the most important pieces of equipment as it will protect your teeth and gums from damage upon returning to full-contact sports. 

After months of being out of action, it may take some time to get used to wearing a mouthguard. Indeed, finding something with the perfect fit, look, and functionality will be key to a successful season. Furthermore, your teeth and gum structure may have changed slightly since the last time you wore your mouthguard. This means that finding something with the right fit will be critical as you resume gameplay.

Here are 3 essential features you should be looking for in a new mouthguard for rugby season.

1.    A clear, transparent look

How your mouthguard looks will also determine how comfortable it feels. You should look for something that has a simple, clean appearance so that it doesn't distract you or your players while in the middle of a tough contest. But this doesn't mean that you shouldn't experiment with interesting colours. For example, transparent bolds such as light red or blue can add a nice touch to your team's uniform. Advanced lab techniques are being used to develop customisable mouthguards that reflect your personality, so don't hold back from trying something new this season.  

2.    Light material and comfortable fit

Comfort is key when choosing a sports mouthguard. As much as the device should be thick enough to absorb impact, it should also be light enough to allow movement with minimal irritation. This balance is achieved by looking for mouthguards that use a flexible putty-like material. The goal is to absorb impact and dissipate it to other areas of the mouth without causing injury. Furthermore, the mouthguard should be customised to fit tightly while allowing reasonable breathing room for your teeth.

Such an exact fit may necessitate purchasing different mouthguards for the upper and lower row of your teeth. In other words, you shouldn't simply assume that the upper teeth are an exact reflection of the bottom row. Work closely with your dentist to ensure that proper impressions of the entire mouth are made. In this way, highly accurate and comfortable mouthguards can be designed for the upcoming season.

3.    Easy to talk with

Communication is key when playing rugby. And yet, too many mouthguards are unnecessarily thick and rigid. The result is trouble when talking or when trying to send immediate signals to teammates. You can change this dynamic by looking for mouthguards that are flexible and easy to talk with. A breathable material is key, along with a proper fit that you'll get from having mouth impressions taken.

If you need a new mouthguard, visit a dentist office, such as Chelsea Dental Group.