• 6 Things That Can Damage Invisalign Aligners

    Many dental patients like Invisalign for its flexibility and simplicity. But Invisalign requires patients to practice a higher level of discipline than traditional braces. Invisalign aligners are fragile. Certain actions can damage an Invisalign aligner and render it ineffective. The success and speed of your Invisalign treatment depends on how well you care for your aligners. The following elements can damage Invisalign aligners. 1. Hard or crunchy foods Some orthodontists allow their patients to eat while wearing their aligners.
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  • Brown Stripes at the Bases of Your Teeth: What's the Cause?

    Obviously, there's a clear margin between your teeth and your gums. The white (or off-white) visible crowns of your teeth create a margin when they meet the pink of your gingival tissues (gums). Some people may have to contend with a third colour at this margin. What's causing a brown stripe at the bases of your teeth, where they meet the gums? Plaque Becomes Tartar Brown discolouration at the base of a tooth may be tartar.
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  • Getting Used to Your New Dentures: 3 Things to Expect

    Your new dentures should solve problems, rather than create new dental dilemmas. However, it's important to manage your expectations. Your new dentures will do what they're supposed to do (creating an artificial substitute for your missing teeth), but there will also be a period of adjustment. Some minor concerns may arise during this period, but it's important to remember that these concerns can be a standard part of getting used to your dentures.
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