How To Tell If Your Dentures Need Repairing And What To Do About It

Posted on: 22 January 2020

Dentures are essential tools for the people that use them and not just for eating. Dentures help their owners talk comfortably, feel confident in themselves and keep their jaw correctly aligned. Despite this, sometimes when something goes wrong with your dentures it is not immediately noticeable. Maybe a tooth feels slightly duller than before or you are not sure if it has always sat in your gums a certain way. If you are unsure about whether to go get your dentures fixed, here are a couple of signs you should look out for and how to resolve them.

Cracked Dentures

Cracks in dentures can be quite tricky to spot until they are really quite large, and by that point, it can be too late to salvage them. A helpful tip is to always run your fingers over them as you take them out at night to see if you feel any minor deviations that your eyes can't spot. If you seem to cut the inside of your cheeks or your tongue more than usual, then this can also be a sign of an unusually sharp point forming on your dentures due to a crack. Cracked dentures are painful to deal with, so do not hesitate to go get them checked out even if you aren't totally sure they are cracked.

Malformed Dentures

Not all problems with dentures are related to their cracking. In fact, many problems come about due to the dentures getting bent out of their original shape. Some signs that your dentures might be malformed include the following:

  1. Your facial expressions change. You never realise just how much your face changes when your teeth don't properly sit in your mouth.
  2. Your speech inflections change. Your teeth help form words, and if you start to slur them or enunciate differently, this can be a sign your dentures have shifted. 
  3. You get sores on your gums. When sores occur, it means that the dentures are rubbing a part of the gums they aren't meant to.

Denture Repair Clinic

Luckily, most of these problems can be sorted at a denture repair clinic. These are places specially kitted out to deal with all the aforementioned problems and more. These repairs are overseen by professionals in the healthcare industry who are extremely familiar with all the common problems and how to deal with them. A denture repair clinic should be your first and only stop for emergency denture repairs, general upkeep and tunings and even full replacements. Don't let your mouth feel sore and stiff for days at a time; get it sorted with a quick trip to a denture repair clinic.