Popular Disadvantages of Wearing Poor-Fitting Dentures

Posted on: 27 January 2020

Dentures are a reliable solution you can consider if you have extensive tooth loss today. They are affordable, they are durable and they will give you a gorgeous smile fast compared to other treatments. That said, dentures also have their own potential downsides, especially if they aren't used or maintained appropriately. This is the reason you are required to adhere to the maintenance instructions offered by your dental expert.

One of the common problems you may experience with this dental solution is poor-fitting dentures. While the expert will ensure that the dentures fit perfectly, jaw bone loss can cause chaffing, slippage and poor-fitting dentures, and the only way out is to get denture repairs as soon as possible. Wondering why you should get your dentures repaired? This post will outline problems you will face when you wear ill-fitting dentures.

Speaking problems

Teeth play an essential role in your speech. If you lose teeth, communication becomes a challenge, but dentures can help you regain your abilities once more. All you'll need to do is practice regularly to get accustomed to using them. However, communicating with ill-fitting dentures is difficult. The dentures will be moving around as you talk, undermining your efforts to speak normally. This will make it difficult for you to socialise with others, rendering the dentures ineffective. So if you realise your dentures don't fit, consider visiting your dental professional to get the issue fixed.


Most people who have dentures take a while to get accustomed to eating. This is the reason one starts with soft foods and liquids before switching to harder foods. If the dentures don't fit perfectly from the first day they are installed or after a while, however, it won't be very easy for you to eat nutritious meals. Before you know it, you'll be malnourished, and things will only get worse over time. The only way to stay healthy and prevent health concerns associated with malnutrition is to repair the dentures. Once they fit, it'll be easy to eat any food.


Since dentures are designed to restore your smile, you must ensure that they fit correctly. This will give you confidence since you will be able to speak, smile and eat comfortably. However, ill-fitting dentures cause mental anguish and unnecessary embracement. They will make you worry constantly whenever you are talking or eating because you think they'll slip and fall out. Fortunately, a professional can adjust them accordingly, so don't wait until you are embarrassed to repair them.

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