Signs Your Dentures Need Repairs

Posted on: 13 February 2020

Nothing lasts forever, including your dentures, but with regular maintenance and good oral hygiene, you can extend their longevity. The usual wear and tear will take its toll, and eventually you'll need to replace them. However, sometimes all you need is a few repairs to get your dentures working properly. Here are signs that your dentures need repairs:

i. Chips or cracks  

The easiest sign to note is a chip or a crack in your dentures. You might not feel the difference when eating, especially if the crack or chip is small. However, over time the crack or chip will become bigger, creating uneven surfaces on your dentures. This can eventually become bothersome, but it can be fixed through denture repairs.

ii. Discomfort

Dentures are seen as a replacement for natural teeth but are generally not as comfortable. In some cases, you'll find that the dentures are so uncomfortable that it becomes painful to chew food. Such scenarios can only be rectified through denture repairs. The dentist will decide whether you need denture repairs or a replacement.

The main reason why people use dentures is to help them eat solid foods. If the dentures only make it harder to eat food, you need them refitted to fit your gums.  

iii. Broken dentures

Every time you remove your dentures, there is always a risk of dropping them. If you drop the dentures, be sure to inspect them and check for cracks, chips or broken teeth. You can try to fix the crack or broken teeth by applying an adhesive, but it could end up damaging your dentures. The safer option is to visit your dentist for professional denture repairs.

iv. Speech impediment

Are you having trouble talking because the dentures keep getting in the way? You might have noticed that speech patterns changed when you first got the dentures, but eventually, everything went back to normal. After a few months or years, you might experience the same issue due to a change in fit. Visit your dentist and have the dentures fixed.

v. Gum irritation

Having your teeth replaced with dentures feels weird for several days, but eventually, you get acclimated. However, if you're still experiencing the same symptoms even after the break-in period, you might want to visit a dentist. In some cases, these symptoms (inflammation, bleeding, etc.) are due to defects in your dentures which can be remedied by proper oral hygiene and denture repairs.

Remember to clean your dentures and schedule regular check-ups with your dentist or denturist.