Two Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures That Will Get Rid Of Multiple Dental Flaws

Posted on: 27 July 2020

Flaws in your teeth will not only influence how you smile but how often you do, too. And if the flaws are highly conspicuous due to the severity of the damage, they can end up skewing your self-image and this will reflect in various aspects of your life whether professionally, socially or even romantically. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry offers a myriad of solutions to help tackle even the most severe imperfections. And unlike decades past, the result will look so natural that even a discerning eye would not be able to detect that you have had dental work done.

It is essential to know what options are available since some procedures can address several imperfections simultaneously and this saves you both time and money. This piece highlights two cosmetic dentistry procedures that will get rid of multiple dental flaws.

Dental veneers

If it is a Hollywood smile that you are after, veneers are the way to go. This cosmetic dental procedure is one of the most sought after treatments by actors and singers alike who are constantly in front of a camera. Resembling shells, veneers can be made out of either composite resin materials or porcelain. Porcelain offers a superior finish, as it looks identical to the enamel of your teeth.

The first step to getting veneers is setting up an appointment with your cosmetic dentistry, where they will assess the damage to your teeth. Impressions of the teeth are then taken and these will guide the shape of your custom veneers so that they can fit directly over your teeth. The finished veneers are then bonded directly onto the tooth enamel to cover up the existing flaws permanently and provide you with a dazzling smile. Candidates suitable for veneers will be those affected by severe staining, cracks and chips as well as those with unsightly gaps between their teeth.

Dental bonding

Another procedure that falls under cosmetic dentistry and can be highly beneficial to individuals contending with multiple issues on the surface of their teeth is dental bonding. The bonding material is made up of resin and is available in a range of hues.

The cosmetic dentist will start by identifying a shade of resin that is closest to the natural colour of your teeth. Once you are both satisfied with the hue, the dentist will proceed with gently abrading the surface of the enamel and coating it with a bonding liquid facilitate efficient adhesion of the resin. When the resin is in place, the dentist will then mould, sculpt the resin to the shape of your teeth, and polish it for a smooth appearance. Dental bonding is an affordable alternative to veneers yet it will treat the same dental imperfections, making it suited to patients that are low on funds.

To learn more about these cosmetic dentistry procedures, reach out to a local dentist.