• White Wedding Teeth

    Preparing for your wedding day can be a huge stress and every bride will want to look her best. After all, the limelight is on them at all times. Whilst hair and makeup can all be done on the day, what takes a little more time is whitening your teeth. When you pose for the cameras or speak to your guests, you want to know that your smile is lighting up the room in order to allow you to enjoy the day and feel as confident as you possibly can.
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  • The Truth About Living with a Missing Tooth

    Can you live with a missing tooth? Broadly speaking, yes you can, although that isn't the whole truth. While it might be your choice to do nothing about a missing tooth, it doesn't mean that this should be your default course of action. There can be unfortunate consequences to living with a missing tooth, which is why it's not something that you should simply put up with. An Obvious Gap
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  • Is It Serious When You Lose a Tooth from Your Dentures?

    So you've lost a tooth. This is always annoying, but it can arguably be more annoying when the tooth in question is a prosthetic one that has detached from your dentures, which you only got in the first place because you were missing some of your natural teeth. Oh, the irony. Sure, you're going to need to get your dentures repaired with the prosthetic tooth reattached to the denture plate (so be sure to keep it unless it has been swallowed).
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